Petr Ermishkin

Full stack Developer

Contact info

Telegram: quasiyoke
Skype: quasiyoke
Github: github.com/quasiyoke


I graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University as an engineer. I’m studying programming on my own since 2006.

Professional skills

I’m engaged in full stack programming on JavaScript language: React, Vue. I’m familiar with Flow and TypeScript typing systems. I can make up web pages based on modern standards. I use Stylus, SCSS and LESS for style sheets writing. I’m familiar with Python and SQL languages, Webpack and GIT tools, writing tests: from unit tests to E2E.

Working experience


Junior frontend developer at Tinkoff Bank. I’ve joined common workflow after one day of studying internal processes of my department.

Since 2016

Full stack web developer at Yandex Market. We’re building backend to request and normalize data. Also I’m working on very complicated frontend: highload, A/B testing, checkout.