Add to Feedly Plus

Firefox browser extension allowing you to quickly add RSS feeds to Feedly reader. Its peak daily users count was about 2.6 thousand people.

Feedly is a web RSS reader. It gives you ability to comfortably read news from any source you like. RSS is widely supported by various websites. You can receive updates from this site using RSS too!

My Firefox extension indicates if the website you browse has RSS feed. If it hasn’t the extension doesn’t bother you (it looks like gray inactive Feedly icon). But if the site has RSS you can instantly add it to the Feedly with several clicks.

I’ve started this project with forking original Add to Feedly extension. Saeed Moqadam have written very simple and great extension but it lacks some features I want. Some websites have several RSS feeds simultaneously. In such cases they usually provide short description of each feed. This information is very simple to extract from the webpage. I did it and called my fork “Add to Feedly Plus”.

Despite from its simplicity, my addon was unexpectedly popular at Mozilla Firefox extensions’ catalog. At its peak daily users count was around 2.6 thousand people. It’s first so popular program written by me.

Audience of my extension is decreasing. You’re able to look at the stats here. Perhaps I’ll try do something with it in the future.

I was very pleased by Yufan Lou’s pull request extending the list of supported RSS MIME types (courtesy of Robert MacLean). Now Add to Feedly Plus supports the following full (I hope) list of RSS MIME types:


You’re welcome to install my addon or to view its source code at GitHub.