kapustkapust website

Pomeranian spitz nursery website. Contained information about puppies on sale. Had sophisticated internal admin interface.

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Pomeranian spitz breed

Pomeranian spitz is a small dogs’ breed with very long, magnificent hair. Spitz’ puppies are very expensive because of their wonderful decorative properties. The most known spitz today is a Boo Bear (but its haircut isn’t typical for spitz). The dogs breeding is very popular in Russia, Europe and Canada. Lots of people are dreaming about such puppy and ride across the globe trying to buy the pomeranian of their dream.

The website was made for pomeranian spitz nursery “Kapustkin Pitomnik”. The club owners are selling puppies from the 2000. Their mother dogs are extremely expensive and very pedigreed. The owners were interested in their own electronic representation and they asked me to help them with the website. They wanted to create honorable and clear view on their great kennel.


I’ve used Inkscape for doing the sketches when I did design the site. The sketches are good to discover your view to the project without distraction at technical moments. You’re just drawing. CSS and browsers’ quirks aren’t inventing instead of you.

Content management system

To make the kennel’s owners able to add fresh content on the website I’ve created advanced content management system. The CMS gives them ability to interactively create new entities (dogs or broods), crop photos and edit pages, advertisements and banners in “what you see is what you get” manner.

Each photo is provided with the nursery’s watermark automatically.

Mobile users

I didn’t expect it but most of the website users are using mobile phones for browsing! Later I’ve discovered that they’re coming from the link from the kennel’s instagram profile.

Mobile version of the website has a little bit less information than “big brother”. Larger controls, smaller pictures, only necessary details.

I think that I’ve completed the task. The nursery had a good internet residence.

The website is no longer functional since 2019, but you can get familiar with it at Internet Archive.