Русский перевод

Если вы предпочитаете читать на языке Ленина, к вашим услугам перевод этого материала на русский

Telegram messenger bot connecting you with a random stranger. You’re able to specify sex of the stranger and language to talk.

re you?.. But wait, let me think!.. —Do you know the big problem with disguise, Mr. Holmes? However hard you try, it

Do you want to talk with somebody, practice in foreign languages or you just want to have some fun? Rand Talk will help you! It’s an anonymous bot matching you with a random stranger of desired sex speaking on your language: t.me/RandTalkBot.

  1. Choose the language you’d like to talk. Are you know several languages? Enumerate them from your native language to less known, e.g.: “English, Deutsch, Español”. Most of the languages should be specified in English.

  2. Choose your sex and your partner’s sex (or don’t specify). The bot is in the lack of women. If you’re a man, you’ll need to wait for a while. The more you wait—the closer you are to the head of the queue.

  3. Talk! Attach photos, videos and documents to your messages. The bot supports almost every type of messages except replies and forwarded messages.

The bot is able to talk with you on English, Russian, German, Spanish or Italian language. If you want to help with Rand Talk’s translation on another languages or you want to participate in development, welcome to the GitHub repository (AGPL).

That’s the first time:

  1. I’ve written Telegram bot,
  2. I’ve used Python 3 coroutines at my project,
  3. I did use unit tests so widely during development.

Rand Talk's Coverage Status

During first weeks of work more that 15 thousand people have come to the bot. Most of them speak Italian. English is the second language by popularity. Russian is on the third place. Users are able to send invitational links to their friends. This helps experienced users to invite newbies. To send the invite type in any of your Telegram chats: @RandTalkBot and press Space key: Telegram’s inline query will help you to get your individual invite link in one tap. For every invited user you’ll get bonuses which’ll speed up new partners’ search.

s invites

Unfortunatelly, only 17% of users are women. To fight with such gender inequality Rand Talk gives its bonuses smartly. You’re able to earn 3 bonuses for every “girl” and only 1 for every “boy” you’ll invite. Once Rand Talk will have more females than males, it will switch to generous rewarding you for men automatically.

I would be glad to meet you at my anonymous chat! t.me/RandTalkBot.